Online Mixing and Mastering

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5 Days Delivery – 2 Revisions – Versions Included:

  • 24 bit 44.1k WAVE File (Mix)
  • 16 bit 44.1k WAVE File Red Book Standard (Mastered)
  • 192 kbps MP3 File (Mastered)
  • Mastered for iTunes & Spotify (Mastered)

Fernando Costello aka Tekwan is a Producer and Recording Engineer certified by The Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood, California.



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File Requirements

  • Export a separate WAVE file for each track.
  • Send consolidated stems that play in proper sync.
  • Label stems as following: kick, snare, hats, bass, keys, etc.
  • Turn off all plug-ins. Creative effects can be left on.
  • Include BPM & Song Key if available.
  • For [Mastering Only] send a single stereo file.

If you need further help understanding the process I wrote a full article on how to export stems for mixing.

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Online Mixing and Mastering
Online Mixing and Mastering


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