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Pianoforall is legit and worth every penny considering the high quality material included. Pianoforall comes with a vast collection of audio and video lessons in pdf format. The lessons included are great for beginners, as well as intermediate players. In my opinion it’s a no brainer considering that it costs the same as a single piano lesson.


I decided to buy pianoforall after being self taught for twenty years. During that time I definitely picked up some tricks here and there, learned the basics of music theory and wrote a full music catalog including beats, jingles, soundtracks and stock music.

But even though I knew I was accomplished as a piano player, there was something I was lacking. A background, and this is where Pianoforall completed the picture for me. After starting the course, I immediately started to think of ways to implement the new learnings to my music.


Robin Hall is a professional piano player who has dedicated most of his career to passing on this knowledge. Started teaching lessons which later evolved into Pianoforall. Hall has perfected the craft of teaching piano with this multimedia course and he has the numbers to prove it.


  • +200,000 students worldwide
  • +24,000 buyer ratings
  • Best Seller on Udemy
  • Best Seller on Clickbank
  • Many more


9 books including over 700 audio & video lessons + 1 bonus

  • Party Time – Play By Ear  – Rhythm Piano
  • Blues and Rock n’ Roll
  • Chord Magic
  • Advanced Chords Made Easy
  • Ballad Style
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy Pt. 1
  • Blues and Fake Stride
  • Taming the Classics
  • Speed Learning
  • Bumper Resource (bonus)

Pianoforall is divided into 9 books, each containing a variety of topics. The difficulty increases as the course progresses, meaning that it is designed to be studied in chronological order. Skipping lessons might be tempting but I definitely do not recommend it.

The topics are covered in a very straightforward way and they are well organized, making it easy to find a specific lesson at any time. Pianoforall has a very hands on approach that will have you playing tunes from the beginning.


  • No prior experience needed

Pianoforall is designed for beginners and intermediate players, making it a perfect fit for people who are just getting started.

  • Learning from home is convenient

I can’t stress this enough. Learning from home will impact positively your progress if you know how to take advantage of it.

  • Save money on gas or transportation

The money spent on transportation to attend lessons can really add up to a significant amount.

  • No rush hour traffic

Imagine how life would be if you had an extra couple of hours each day to work on your music.

  • No pressure environment

For some people can be complicated to interact with teachers. This course is a great solution while still providing a solid background.

  • Learn at your own pace

There are no deadlines to meet. Take your time to get each lesson right before moving on to the next.

  • Retake past lessons at any time

Going back to past lessons is super easy considering the way the course is organized

  • One time payment

This is perfect for anyone who is on a budget. Piano lessons are known to be expensive but Pianoforall offers a great alternative. Considering all the advantages I dare to say that it pays for itself in one way or another.

  • Great customer support

The developer can be contacted via email and will answer any questions you may have surprisingly fast. Hall has created a community across the globe and stays very engaged with pianoforall students.


  • The amount of material can be overwhelming

At first I felt like a kid with a bunch of homework but after getting started with the first book this feeling quickly changed. It has a very practical approach.

  • Song selection is slightly outdated

The songs used for examples consist of a collection of all time favorites. In my personal experience this was super fun considering that I didn’t know how to play any classic tunes. Now I feel like I can play at a family reunion or school event.

  • No midi integration

Pianofoall has no midi integration but is not a dealbreaker for me. Even being a recording engineer myself I would not use it anyway.


If you are good learning on your own and determined to learn piano, then Pianoforall is for you like it is for me. In the last twenty years I stumbled upon many piano methods and teachers and to be honest, most of it seemed boring to me and still do.

Another important thing to consider is that Pianoforall truly is an ingenious and innovative way to learn piano and as a result of this, sometimes it may disregard some fundamental principles of the traditional method. In other words, it may not be a great fit for someone looking to be a classical pianist.

This course is definitely designed for adults but I believe it is great material to teach piano to your kids. It can also be a fun family challenge.


Pianoforall really helped me consolidate myself as a pianist. It gave me the confidence to play and improvise in many different genres, whereas before I would be shy about it.

Learning to play all time favorites was really fun. I grew up playing Hendrix on my guitar but I never went through that as a pianist. Mainly because it was my second instrument and used it mainly to record simple arrangements.


I would recommend Pianoforall to anyone who wants to learn piano or improve their existing abilities. In either case you will most likely be satisfied. It’s never too late to learn new skills. It’s never too late to start winning. Pianoforall helped me improve my melodies notoriously and I’m sure it can do wonders for your music too.

Pianoforall just like any other educational material will require a decent amount of self discipline and consistency. But if you are willing to invest 25 minutes each day to learning piano I am positive that you will see significant progress before you know it.

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